mixed age/birth through 4 years

Judy Woodson
Focus Dance Center for the Performing Arts (location map)
Tuesday, 10:15 AM
01/09/18 - 03/13/18 (10 weeks)

A live, playful, interactive musical experience for infants and toddlers, ages birth through four years and their adult care-givers together. Our teachers have early childhood and music skills, are trainted in develpmentally appropriate practice and will lead you in rhythmic chants, songs, movement, dance, and isntrumental jam sessions. Each family receives one of our nine song collections songbook, cd, and a parent guide for all newcomers. Adults learn how to identify and interpret musical respones and to nurture their children's musical development.

Upcoming Meetings
02/27/18    10:15 AM Tuesday 02/27/18 10:15 AM
03/06/18    10:15 AM Tuesday 03/06/18 10:15 AM
03/13/18    10:15 AM Tuesday 03/13/18 10:15 AM