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*Join us for our  WINTER 2021 semester! Classes begin JANUARY 11TH!

* REMINDER!  NO CLASSES MLK DAY OR PRESIDENTS DAY. (Just affects Monday classes.) 

South Coast Music Together® says...We can't wait to welcome you to class this WINTER!


Hello Treasured Families of South Coast Music Together!

Thank you for a wonderful fall semester together!  We love being with you and having a blast together in class!

While many families are happy and enthusiastic to continue attending class with their family and friends from the comfort of home on zoom, many others have also let us know that they are longing for some in-person classes this winter too!  We listened.  And so this winter, in addition to our regular at-home zoom classes we are also offering (in accordance with state and local government mandates and guidelines), some in-person socially-distanced classes.  Our indoor in-person classes will be held on Thursday and Friday mornings at Community Congregational Church in Corona Del Mar, and our outdoor in-person classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at Mariners Victor Jorgenson Center next to the Library at Dover and Irvine  on the very large patio.  


Participants need to bring:

Breathable masks for adults and children 3 years and over to wear during class . (For Indoor classes)  (For outdoor classes masks just required for entering and exiting or when moving off your blanket area during class.)

Blankets to sit on to delineate your own family space

Your own instruments or home-made instruments, scarves, etc. not to be shared with others.  

Registration for our indoor  in-person socially-distanced classes is open NOW. Community Congregational Church you may register directly through our web site. And classes at Mariners Victor Jorgensen Center the registration is offered through the city of Newport Beach Recreation Department and enrollment opens at 8 am on Thursday, December 10th.

As mentioned before, we will also continue to offer our at-home zoom class curriculum as well!

Some nannies in our area remarked that our South Coast Music Together zoom classes were the most-like-the-original in-person classes of all the online classes they'd experienced!

We know that's because your children are loving participating in a happy environment with the people they love most,-- YOU!--and are having a blast doing so!  It's your wonderful participation and role-modeling that is making all the difference and bringing the music and learning to life for your children!


So this winter, please join us for South Coast Music Together At Home or For South Coast Music Together Outdoor or Indoor Socially-Distanced Classes with our  live Music Together in real-time classes.  Outdoor in-person classes includes 10 weeks of classes, songbook and cd as well as download code for songbook and cd. In case of inclement weather classes will be held on zoom that day and a link sent to participate.


What does our online zoom curriculum include?...
Everyone registered for South Coast Music Together At Home Online Curriculum will receive :

*    In addition to their regular 30-minute interactive virtual class via Zoom, every week, they also receive access to unlimited zoom classes this fall. (Zoom is an online video platform, which allows all of us to see each other and interact with our families and classmates live!) Once you sign up for your regular class, just email us what other days and times you would like to attend and we will send you the link to join those classes too.
*    Two  weekly Facebook LIVE events via our  private Facebook Group we are creating for registered families, -"South Coast Music Together California Bongos Neighborhood" - you can watch (and rewatch) those videos!
 *    Access to videos from our very own Uncle Gerry, (from our Song Collection recordings) exclusively for enrolled families.
*    10 weeks of classes 
*    All siblings can participate at no extra charge
3) **Tuition remains the same-
and for families who choose to register through the city of Newport Beach  for South Coast Music Together At Home  the $42 curriculum fee normally paid the first day of class will already be included in our  tuition so nothing further will be owed separately. 
6) Please note: This is NOT a class where you will sit passively in front of a screen while your teacher "entertains" you!  This remains a curriculum where your own active participation, singing and moving and musical play are key to the success of the class.

Your teacher will demonstrate ways that you can interact and play musically with your child, thus supporting their musical development and the many ways music learning supports all aspects of your child's learning. 

8) We will additionally share lots of fun activities and ideas to enjoy at home with your children during this unusual time when we are all at home together!

9) Do we get the materials to have at home?
Yes!  We will have curbside pick up available.
And the good news is that in the meantime you will additionally
receive digital access to all of the songs, a songbook and at-home activities for the 

Enjoying South Coast Music Together At Home is a way to connect with your child, with your teacher, as well as with your friends and community. 
It celebrates that we remain connected, uplifted and undaunted!
It keeps the music flowing in our lives!
We look forward to having you with us this WINTER, and to a wonderful time making Music Together!
Kindest regards,

Judy Woodson, Director
South Coast Music Together

Focus Dance Center has moved to Woodbridge! 

For our many families who have been enjoying taking class at Focus Dance Center for the Performing Arts near UCI and also for the many families who live in and around Woodbridge we are pleased to announce that Focus Dance Center has moved its location to a brand new beautiful studio space in the Woodbridge Village Center" 4742 Barranca Parkway.

Join us at this lovely location across from the lake on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings!

For those of you who prefer being nearer UCI we still offer many classes in Corona Del Mar, just up and over the hill on Monday mornings at CYC and on Thursday and Friday mornings at Community Congregational Church. Looking forward to welcoming you all to class this summer!

Turtlerock Classes have moved!
While we are no longer offering classes at Turtlerock , we have added two Saturday morning classes at 9:30 and 10:30 am with instructor Julie Boies at the beautiful Marina Park in Newport Beach. There is a little beach and playground as well as a nice cafe right on the bay next to this state of the art facility and free validated parking for class participants.

Tuesday and Wednesday classes are being offered at Focus Dance Center for the performing arts at 9:15, 10:15 and 11:15 am in the newly renovated Woodbridge Village Center with director and teacher Judy Woodson, and Thursday mornings and with Sarah Baxter at  9:30 and 10:30 am at Costa Mesa Danscene, an immaculate studio with good freeway access.


*Please note that Thursday and Tuesday classes at the above locations will appear more expensive than they were at Turtlerock but are actually the same exact price at Focus Dance Center and  $10 less at Costa Mesa Danscene. This is because the $42 curriculum fee owed the first day of class at Turtlerock is already included in the tuition and nothing further is owed the first day of class. There is a $40 discount for registered siblings and infants under 9 months may be registered with a registered sibling for free.


Please note that we also offer Monday morning classes just up and over the hill from Turtlerock in Corona Del Mar at the CYC (Community Youth Center) , offered through the city of Newport Beach!



Additional location in Corona Del Mar!
We have good and exciting news about our location in Corona Del Mar! We are now offering classes on Thursday and Friday mornings at 9:15, 10:15, and 11:15 am at Community Congregational Church, 611 Heliotrope Avenue, in Corona Del Mar.
These classes are offered directly through South Coast Music Together and are the exact same price as at our classes offered through the city of Newport Beach. (They will appear more expensive, but it is just the $42 curriculum fee is paid up front, already included in the tuition, so there is nothing further owed the first day of class.) There is a $40 discount for registered siblings, and infants under 9 mths may enroll for free.

Mom’s clubs of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, and the Coachella Valley!
We will be happy to bring a free Music Together® demonstration class to your Mom’s club to introduce new families to our program and to educate them about the value of early childhood music education! Just give us a call to set up a time and place for your special event!

We are pleased to announce that all classes are now available for online registration, (including Sunrise Martial Arts, Focus Dance Center, Community Congregational Church and Costa Mesa Danscene, Starlight Dance Center in Palm Desert and United Studios of Self Defense in Northwood.) Mail-in option is still available, but for added convenience and to help our families guarantee a spot in the class of their choice, we've provided this service which makes it possible to register 24 hours a day. Classes offered at Carroll Beek, Marina Park, CYC and Cliff Drive Park are registered for through the city of Newport Beach.

You can connect to their web site by clicking "register" for any of our classes listed at their locations. Once connected to their site, type in "South Coast Music Together" in the search box. It will pull up our classes.*** Make sure the start dates in their listings are for the appropriate semester.